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Cass R. Sunstein is currently the Robert Walmsley University Professor at Harvard. He is the founder and director of the Program on Behavioral Economics and Public Policy at Harvard Law School. In 2018, he received the Holberg Prize from the government of Norway, sometimes described as the equivalent of the Nobel Prize for law and the humanities. In 2020, the World Health Organization appointed him as Chair of its technical advisory group on Behavioural Insights and Sciences for Health. From 2009 to 2012, he was Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. He’s co-author with Richard Thaler of the best-seller NUDGE.

Sunstein's new book is  SLUDGE, which builds on the ideas in Nudge and describes how bad processes, whether unintentionally bad or bad by design, waste billions of dollars and untold hours in effortful citizen and customer experience. Sunstein joins Brainfluence for a lively discussion of sludge, friction, and how to make the world a better place.

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Mike Michalowicz's ideas, based on profit psychology, have helped thousands of struggling entrepreneurs turn losing businesses into winners. The traditional equation, "Sales – Expenses = Profit”, seems logical but leads too many entrepreneurs astray.

Our guest this week is Michael Michalowicz, whose new edition of his bestseller, Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machineoffers a simple, counterintuitive cash management solution that will help small businesses break out of the spiral of doom and achieve instant profitability.

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