Choice architecture, the way choices are presented to people, is often overlooked as an important influence on both big and small decisions. One of the world's most recognized researchers on decision-making, Eric Johnson, has studied choice architecture and its effects on behavior. Understanding how we make choices and improving their presentation helps us design better processes for many important situations. We are all choice architects, Eric says.

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Eric joins Brainfluence to dissect our roles as choice architects and explain how to change our choice architectures to arrive at better decisions. A well-designed choice architecture helps you to look beyond the easiest and most accessible paths or memory-based preferences. Eric also explains how default choices are formed, the 3 E's that make them, and how to not be blinded by them.

You'll learn about how choice architecture applies to our most basic decisions in life, including choosing a dress to wear or voting for a political party. You'll also learn to make better decisions when faced with an overwhelming number of options. In a nutshell, you'll understand that the clearer you can see your choices, the better your decision-making becomes.

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