One of the most interesting people I've had on Brainfluence is Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly. He's a renowned futurist, a perpetual gadget guru, a serious photographer, and an even more serious traveler. His latest project doesn't fit our usual conversation topics, but, as expected, his insights are fascinating.
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Kevin Kelly, co-founder of WIRED and renowned futurist, has toured Asia for over half a century. Not only has he witnessed its changing cultur and landscape, but he’s also captured his experience in 9000 photographs, later compiled into 1000 pages of his most recent book, Vanishing Asia.

Kevin set off for Asia in 1972 with a film camera. With no remote idea about Asia or its culture, he started to document the traditions that eventually seemed “disappearing even from first sight”. He put together the results from his privileged journey (as he describes it) in his three-volume book, which speaks everything traditional about Turkey in the West to Japan in the East.
Kevin’s current title at Wired is “Senior Maverick,” a designation I’m sure you will agree is appropriate.

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