Raja Rajamannar is one of the world’s top marketers, and he’s in a better position to spot trends and anticipate change than just about anyone else. Chief Marketing & Communications Officer for Mastercard, as well as president of the company’s healthcare business, Raja is also president of the World Federation of Advertisers. He has been named one of the industry’s most tech-savvy CMOs by Adweek, one of the World’s Five Most Influential CMOs by Forbes, one of the World’s Ten Most Innovative CMOs by Business Insider, and Global Marketer of the Year by the World Federation of Advertisers.

In this episode, Raja shares why there is a crisis of confidence among organizations when it comes to their marketing departments, but also why the future of marketing is bright if new technologies and innovations can be adopted and implemented with the least amount of friction possible. Listen in to learn why the future of marketing is in all of the senses—including how sonic branding is becoming even more relevant with the mass adoption of smart speakers by consumers—and the key things to consider when branding for sound.

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