Jez Groom has been practicing behavioral science for over ten years, working with some of the biggest organizations around the world. In 2016 he founded Cowry Consulting, the leading behavioral economics consultancy, and is currently a visiting fellow of Behavioural Science at City University.

April Vellacott has been studying the field of human behavior for nearly a decade, and holds degrees in Psychology and Behavior Change. As a behavioral consultant at Cowry Consulting, she helps global clients apply behavioral science in their organizations.

Together, Jez and April are the authors of the new book, Ripple: The big effects of small behaviour changes in business, and they join the show today to share how small behavior changes can have wide-reaching effects. Listen as they give real-life examples of how nudge theory has had massive impacts on outcomes, why friction is sometimes a good thing, and how behavioral principles can benefit any business.

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