Today we have two guests on the show! Maryann Karinch and Jim McCormick are experts in body language and sales, and they are here to share how to read other people in selling or persuasion situations so you can present your case in a convincing way.

Maryann has been writing about body language for 14 years, building on her background in theater, where it was very important to be able to communicate emotions effectively and use correct body language. Jim's extensive knowledge of sales comes from his work shaping capital campaigns, sales strategies, and major donor programs for clients from the National World War II Museum to multiple international companies.

The pair combined their areas of expertise in their new book, Body Language Sales Secrets: How to Read Prospects and Decode Subconscious Signals to Get Results and Close the Deal, and they join us today to share tips and tricks you can use to improve your ability to sell. Listen in to learn what you should be doing from a body language perspective to increase your odds of closing the deal.

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