How often do you negotiate? Even if it’s not an essential part of your job, odds are you’re doing it more than you think. Whether you’re overcoming disagreements about schedules, asking for a raise, or even pleading with your toddler, the truth is that negotiations come up all the time. Today’s guest can help you negotiate more effectively in all of those situations and more.

Keld Jensen is a recognized expert in negotiation. Through his experience as CEO of several publicly traded Scandinavian companies, his participation in numerous start-ups, and as Founder and CEO of MarketWatch Centre For Negotiation A/S, he advocates changing the culture of dealmaking organizations in order to impact the bottom line and increase shareholder value.

Regarded as a thought leader in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America, Keld has authored 24 books, including his most recent, Honest Negotiation. He is one of the most influential authorities in the world today on negotiation as a leadership competency, and he’s here today to share his expertise and explain why all of us need to take an honest look at how well we negotiate.

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