Do you ever feel like you’re not communicating as effectively as you’d like? Though we all know communication is an important and necessary part of life, the truth is that it doesn’t always come easily. Thankfully, there are tactics we can use to improve how we relate to others, as well as how others relate to and perceive us. Here today to explain more about that is Alan Alda.

An internationally recognized actor, writer, and director, Alan has won seven Emmy Awards, received three Tony nominations, and earned an Academy Award nomination. He is also an active member of the science community, having hosted the award-winning series Scientific American Frontiers for eleven years and founded the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University.

Already the author of two bestselling books, Never Have Your Dog Stuffed: And Other Things I’ve Learned and Things I Overheard While Talking To Myself, Alan recently released his third book, entitled If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look on My Face? My Adventures in the Art and Science of Relating and Communicating. Tune into today's episode to hear takeaways from his newest book, as well as his advice for improving your communication.

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