We’ve all heard a certain saying about curiosity and the unfortunate fate of a cat, but have you ever wondered where that questioning mindset comes from in the first place? What is it that makes us eager to know more? Dr. Mario Livio is here today to answer that question and explain how marketers can use the science behind curiosity to make appealing advertisements.

An internationally renowned astrophysicist, a best-selling author, and a popular speaker, Dr. Livio has published more than 400 scientific papers on topics ranging from Dark Energy and cosmology to black holes and extrasolar planets. He is also the author of six popular science books, including The Golden Ratio, Brilliant Blunders, and Is God A Mathematician? (the basis for the 2016 Emmy-nominated NOVA program The Great Math Mystery).

His newest book is entitled Why? What Makes Us Curious, and he joins us to discuss that very subject. Tune in to find out where curiosity comes from and how you can use it produce powerful marketing messages.

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