What makes a superconsumer, and why are they so important? Today’s guest, growth strategy expert Eddie Yoon, is here to answer those questions and more. Eddie is the founder of the growth think tank and advisory firm, Eddie Would Grow, and has helped numerous businesses—ranging from cable media to pet food, and from consumer robotics to standby generators—go from several hundred million to nearly a billion dollars.

Eddie is also the author of the acclaimed book, Superconsumers: A Simple, Speedy and Sustainable Path to Superior Growth (Harvard Business School Press, 2016), as well as over 40 articles, including Make Your Best Customers Even Better (Harvard Business Review magazine, March 2014) and Why It Pays to Be a Category Creator (Harvard Business Review magazine, March 2013). He has been a keynote speaker in the U.S., Africa, Australia, Denmark, the UK, and Japan.

Today, he’s here to share what makes superconsumers, and why marketers need to understand how to reach them for the sake of growing their businesses.

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