Want to earn your audience's trust in the first 15 seconds you are on stage? Want to be seen as authentic and likable? Science has the answers.

In this episode, Noah shares the science behind what makes audiences perceive presenters as likable and trustworthy, as well as advice for improving your own communication. Listen in to hear what makes speakers seem authentic, tips for helping people clearly understand your message, and the surprising findings that came from his extensive research on communication.

Noah is the CEO and Co-Founder of Quantified Communications, and a pioneer in applying technology and AI to help people strengthen the way they communicate. Recognized as one of the most innovative domain experts in the rapidly growing field of people analytics and behavioral intelligence, Noah was featured on the main stage at TED2016 speaking about how leaders talk. He also spoke at SXSW on the Intelligent Future, delivered a TED-Ed Lesson in the Playing with Language Series with over nine million views, and was nationally broadcast discussing the future of personal analytics on NPR All Tech Considered.

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