Today’s guest is an expert on decision-making, emotion, and influence. Dr. Tali Sharot has spent the past two decades studying human behavior and conducting dozens of experiments to figure out what causes people to change their decisions, update their beliefs, and rewrite their memories.

An Associate Professor of cognitive neuroscience at University College London—where she directs the Affective Brain Lab—as well as a visiting Professor at MIT, Tali has been featured in or written for the New York Times, Time magazine, The Washington Post, CNN, the BBC, the Today Show, and many others. Her new book, The Influential Mind: What the Brain Reveals About Our Power to Change Others, explores the nature of influence and the critical role emotion plays in persuading others.

In this episode, Tali shares what research tells us about influencing the human mind. Listen in to learn the most effective ways to persuade people, motivate them to take action, and more.

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