Today’s guest has made it her mission to use behavioral science to improve inclusion and diversity. A behavior economist and expert in organizational change, Tinna Nielsen is the founder of the non-profit change-organization Move the Elephant for Inclusiveness, the co-founder of the non-profit Inclusion Nudges Initiative, and the co-author of the Inclusion Nudges Guidebook. She is also a strategic partner for inclusiveness and gender parity at the United Nations, and she collaborates with organizations, practitioners, and social entrepreneurs worldwide to redesign communities and organizations.

In this episode, Tinna shares the surprising truth about the unconscious snap judgments we all make, as well as the devastating experience that led to her realization of what it really takes to influence people to change their behavior. Listen in to learn what types of unconscious biases we all have, as well as how to prevent those biases from affecting our communities.

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