Do bigger bonuses or fatter paychecks lead to greater effort and better results? Dan Ariely answers these and other questions as he explains the science of motivation.

Dan's first book, the NYTimes bestseller Predictably Irrational, refuted the idea that people make fundamentally rational choices in their lives and purchases. His newest book Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations, pulls together myriad studies to help us better understand motivation, its limitations, and how we can better harness it.

Dan and I talk about the state of social science research today, including how his work has shaped the field and the replication crisis we're currently experiencing. He also talks about the importance of trust in work and society, and how we can impact even our best people as we attempt to weed out bad apples. We also chat about some of the experiments from his new book and why money isn't the all-powerful motivator we think it is.

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