Would you trust a doctor who didn't understand physiology? An engineer with no knowledge of physics? Given how obvious those answers seem, it's surprising that so many companies trust marketers who don’t consider behavioural science.

Today’s guest, Richard Shotton, illustrated the absurdity of this fact with the above comparisons in his book, The Choice Factory, and he certainly has plenty of room to speak on the subject. After starting his career 17 years ago as a media planner and working on accounts such as Coke, 118 118, and, he now studies how findings from behavioural science can be applied to advertising.

Richard currently serves as Deputy Head of Evidence at Manning Gottlieb OMD, the most awarded media agency in the history of the IPA Effectiveness awards, and he writes about the behavioural experiments he runs for titles such as Marketing Week Campaign, Admap and The Huffington Post. He joins us in this episode to share his findings, how he has used them to increase campaign effectiveness, and more.

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