In today’s episode, we are joined by Nathalie Nahai, an international speaker, author, and consultant whose work explores the intersection between persuasive technology, ethics, and the psychology behind evolving consumer behaviors. Nathalie talks about the concept in the book Business Unusual, the importance of trust for consumers today, the meaning of eudaimonic culture, and examples of companies with eudaimonic culture. She also shares some insights on similarity and social identity, virtual work, what we can do to be better at virtual meetings and, building trust virtually. Tune in to learn more about building better customer relationships and a successful, sustainable organization.

Show Notes: ‎

Key Moments:
[01:43] The concept of the book Business Unusual
[03:14] The importance of trust for customers today
[05:37] The dissonance between the experience for the customers and the internal marginations of the company
[07:35] Eudaemonic culture
[09:22] Examples of companies with a eudaemonic culture
[14:41] People learning meaning
[17:07] Similarity and social identity
[18:08] The thoughtful marketing experience
[22:38] Virtual work
[25:06] What can one do to be better at virtual meetings?
[28:00] Building trust virtually
[29:18] Zoom happy hours


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