Bas Wouters is an expert in persuasion. As an online lead generator, he caused serious disruption in the kitchen industry, generated millions in sales as a result, and is the only person in the world who can call himself a Cialdini and BJ Fogg Certified Trainer. Joris Groen is a psychologist and user experience designer who specializes in online persuasion. He has improved the results of hundreds of websites, online shops, apps, and online campaigns for notable companies like KLM, Mercedes-Benz, and

Both experts join me today to discuss how to turn visitors into buyers in the online space by applying behavioral psychology techniques—including one common technique from the 1970s that is making a revival now in the digital landscape. They’ll also share some of their insights into how to reduce or eliminate buyer’s remorse, increase authority or social proof, and how some unique applications of the Cialdini method are working well in the digital world.

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